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We bring our ‘Leap Into Life’ Multi-Sports Programs to you!

The Leap into Life Multi-Sports Program is a fun, non-competitive program which allows children to participate in sport and physical activity in a fun and safe environment. The program is specifically designed to help children develop physically and socially. Children of all abilities can improve their skill and ability level by participating in the Leap Into life Multi-Sports Program which exposes the child to a variety of basic gross motor skills, sports and activities. 

The classes are specifically designed for 2-5 year olds, with each class varying according to the age group and individual needs of each child. Each session includes a mix of warm-up and cool down activities with stretches, two sports per sessions (45min or 1 hour program) or 1 sport for session for the half hour program, games and songs. We follow a structured program to allow the child to familiarise themselves to the program. The program runs for 10 weeks and consists of a weekly half hour, 45 minute or 1 hour class. We tailor the program to suit the specific needs of your preschool.

Leap Into Life Program Groups

We offer 3 programs depending on age and ability level. When deciding which group best suits each child, we take into account the child’s age as well as their physical, social and emotional ability.

  •       2 – 3 Frogs (Beginners)
  •       3 – 4 Turtles (Intermediate)
  •       4 – 5 Lizards (Advanced)

The program aims to:

  •       Challenge children to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports
  •       Improve gross motor skills and abilities
  •       Develop their independence, self esteem and self confidence
  •       Develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination
  •       Improve balance
  •       Develop spatial awareness
  •       Enhance Mobility
  •       Develop manipulative skills
  •       Encourage group participation and social interaction
  •       Encourage active and healthy lifestyles
  •       Develop an interest in sport and physical activity
  •       Promote and encourage life-long physical activity
  •       Teach children that sport and physical activity can be fun
  •       Promote team work and sportsmanship

Program Focus:

  •       Sports offered: Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, T-Ball, Football (a mix of AFL & Rugby), Cricket, Hockey, and Athletics
  •       Loco-motor skills developed: walk, run, hop, gallop, leap, skip, jump, and slide
  •       Throwing and catching skills
  •       Fun relays and obstacle courses
  •       Sports skill stations that develop skill related components of fitness such as balance, co-ordination, agility, speed, power and reaction time

Class Sizes:

Classes can run with a minimum 4 children and maximum 8 children. The small class numbers allow for maximum participation and a greater one to one interaction with the child and teacher. We can offer back to back sessions and can run multiple sessions at a time to ensure all kids at the centre can participate.


Session time Cost per session per child Cost per child for a 10 week term
30 minutes $17 $170
45 minutes $20 $200
1 hour $23 $230


*Preschools may choose to book us directly and pay for all participants or we can invoice the parents directly. Contact our Programs Manger today on 0425140970 or email to discuss what best suits your needs.

FREE trial session available – no obligation to sign up, a great way to learn more about the program and how it may run in your centre or school.

Handy tips to help make the session a success:

Kids need to bring a hat and water bottle that’s clearly labelled with the child’s name on it; they should wear loose fit clothes and sport shoes. All children should put on sunscreen and be toileted before the class begins.

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